Hi, I'm Miranda, the graphic designer behind pigment. 
I'm a junior designer from Perth, currently working in a digital print shop. I enjoy this environment a lot as it allows me to be involved in all parts of the design process, from conception and client consultation through design development and on to production. I have been part of a wide variety of projects from web design to car decals as well as a vast number of print jobs from business cards to banners. I enjoy the challenge of logo creation and branding, taking pride in creating visually unique collateral for clients. I have worked with clients to re-brand, as well as producing a variety of items to fit within existing brands. I have been fortunate to be the designer of complete brand packages for two small business clients during the last two years. I spend my spare time practising lettering in many styles and with different tools. I also relish the opportunity to take short courses and workshops. It is my goal to work in a letterpress studio - I can think of nothing more satisfying than to manually letterpress your own hand lettering and delighting clients with the result. 

 Funky Spaces Brand Development Funky Spaces is a one woman professional organisation business. The brief was to produce a logo that showed the order and structure the client could bring to people’s lives. This job included designing and printing business cards, promotional flyers and car decal for the back window of her car. I also created a website for both computer and mobile devices. The website can be viewed at www.funkyspaces.com.au. This is an ongoing client 

 Kalamunda Music Academy Re-Branding KMA approached me to update the look of their logo as well as produce several documents tied to the new look. Previously, the logo was the only branding feature used but the client was interested in exploring a rustic/crafted look. 
The original image in the logo was kept, but the font updated to the bold and punchy Cubano. I created the tag line 'learn play live' for the brand, and added the design elements of textured brown backgrounds and the horizontal red rule. This is an on-going client. 

 Wildflower Wine Logo and label design This was a design for an established company who wished to give branded wine to their clients. The brief was to have five wines with a running theme or series and an Australian feel. After consultations with the client, Western Australian wild-flowers were chosen for this purpose. I crafted a hand lettered name for the series and drew each of the wild-flowers to be used on the labels. These were then brought into Illustrator for digital manipulation, with the watercolour elements added digitally. 

 Lettering and Letterpress Personal Projects These images are all from personal projects created over the last year. I try to experiment with many different styles, techniques and tools. Although very different processes, I find both lettering and letterpress cathartic, and combining the two is my passion. While all of my lettering is self taught, I have been pursing several letterpress short courses during the second half of 2015. I have completed the Artisan printing short course at Central and have been lucky enough to work with The Little Press on a few occasions. I now have my own press and undertake projects on my own. 

 Odds & Ends Past Projects The images here are from completed projects and past jobs, including some work competed during my time studying graphic design. It has been challenging and rewarding to work with so many clients with vastly different briefs - both in terms of content to create but also end formats.
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Miranda Prestage Graphic Designer
04 0277 3784 miranda@pig-ment.com.au You can download my resume here

Instagram @designbypigment I post all my lettering projects to Instagram. I'm challenging myself to complete one piece a day; posting these works publicly keeps me motivated.